Leaf – similar to trees, plants, and flowers – is a symbol of growth, rebirth, and life. Leaves perfectly fit logo designs for businesses that have to do with nature like gardening businesses, floral shops, and other businesses that sell or offer environmentally-friendly products or services.

With the common meaning that the leaf carries in various cultures, it can easily be used in any businesses or brands that offer growth like advertising agencies, real estate, or technology companies. Or in some cases, it’s because the leaf is a significant symbol to a country or organization such as with Canadian brands, sports teams, and other businesses and services that have the famous maple leaf.

There is also something modest and honest about a logo that has a leaf or two. It certainly evokes a positive emotion that would definitely attract the right consumers. The challenge is with the designers to incorporate an object as simple as a leaf into the brand name.

How To Create A Stunning Leaf Logo

If a leaf logo is what you want for your business or brand, we can help you get one with this easy guide. BrandCrowd’s leaf logo maker offers three simple steps where you can create your own logo.

Step 1: Generate logo ideas.

Step 2: Choose and customize logo design.

Step 3: Download.

It’s that simple!

We’ll walk you through each process carefully.

Step 1: Generate logo ideas.

Generate Leaf Logo Ideas

There are thousands of premade logo designs on BrandCrowd’s logo maker. The hundreds of keyword ideas generate plenty of logos for you to choose from.

First, enter the keyword or your business or brand name on the text box. The logo maker will show several logo ideas for you to choose from. Scroll through the results and choose the design you like.

In the photo above, we added the keyword “tech” to narrow down the results of logo ideas. Simply putting “leaf” as the keyword will generate hundreds of logo ideas for various industries and niches.

You can add more keywords on the search box. In this way, you get more results that are more specific to the design details you want.

You can also try leaf-related keywords like nature, green, and delicate to see variations in the design.

Step 2: Choose and customize logo design.

Leaf Star Logo

Once you’ve chosen the logo you like, click on the “Customize” button (or on the logo itself), and you will be taken to the customizing page.

In the example above, we chose “Leaf Star Logo” which matches for anyone with tech businesses.

There are five categories on the customizing page, of which you can edit: text, layout, background (color only), logo (color), and shape.

Edit Layout

You can edit the layout, changing how the text and the logo are positioned in the canvass just the way you like it.

Add Shapes to Logo

If you think something is still missing from the logo, you can add shapes into the logo design. You can choose from a badge, banner, line, basic shape, and symbol.

Editing Shape To Logo

If you choose to add a shape, you will find that you can also edit the color of the shape you just added.

Click on the “Preview” button on the upper right corner of the page to check the preview of your leaf logo. It will show you how your logo will look like on your website and selected merchandise (if any).

Leaf Logo Preview

If you don’t like what you see and want to start all over again, you can always revert to the original design by clicking on the “Reset” button on the upper left part of your canvass. The “Undo” button is also available for minor changes in the design.

Step 3: Download.

When you’re done customizing your logo design and are satisfied with the design, you can download your logo design by clicking on the “Download” button on the upper right corner of the webpage.

If not, you can click the “Save Progress” button where you will be asked to enter your email address in the text box. You will be sent a copy of the draft which you can come back to later on.

Once you are ready to download, you will be given the option to buy the “Standard License” or the “Exclusive License” of the logo.

The first one, “Standard License”, will give you the right to own and use the logo you designed for your business or brand. However, you have no exclusive rights to the raw design. This means the raw design would still be available on BrandCrowd’s logo maker for other clients to use.

On the other hand, the “Exclusive License” will give you the exclusive rights to the logo you designed and the raw design itself. This means the template will be removed from display on the BrandCrowd logo maker tool, and no other clients could use it.

For more details, check out our Client Contract.

Leaf Logo Design Ideas For Inspiration

If you are launching your business or organizing a green project in your community and would like to use a leaf logo, below are some great design inspiration for you:

Do You Need Help In Getting A Leaf Logo?

Aside from creating your own logo, there is another effortless option for you: crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing your design frees you the task of conceptualizing and designing your business logo and let experts do it for you.

DesignCrowd's community of expert logo designers can help you get that professional leaf logo that you need. Our community can create a custom-made leaf logo that will fit your brand identity. You will get tons of ideas from professionals around the globe and you as the owner get to choose from hundreds of submissions.

Simply log in your details and complete your creative brief to launch the project and you are ready to go. Within a few hours, you will be receiving unique designs from designers around the world. After which, you can select and approve your favourite design and be able to download the files.

It is that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Don't wait until it's too late!

Written by Marvi Ocampo on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Marvi is a travel blogger and freelance writer who mixes in a love for design into her work. Connect with her through her travel blog at Osmiva.com